Nora Gambioli

Family and History

West Vancouver has been my family’s home for four generations; since the early 1920s, when my great grandparents, Henry and Beatrice Stone, moved their family from England to Olde Caulfeild. They had commissioned a stained–glass window in memory of their son, Horace, who died in active service in 1918. This window was then donated in 1950 to our Memorial Library when it opened. Henry Stone also designed St. Francis-in-the-Wood church and founded the Vancouver Art Gallery.

My mother was a professional sculptor, an avid skier, and a builder; she designed and built a cabin on Hollyburn mountain (1939), the Diamond Head Chalet in Garibaldi Park (1941-43), and our family home in Horseshoe Bay (1958). My father immigrated from Italy, and called West Vancouver home for almost 60 years. My husband and I have two children; our family's fifth generation of West Vancouverites.


  • Bachelor of Laws, Dalhousie University, Halifax
  • Diploma, Counselling Psychology, UBC
  • Teaching Certificate, UBC
  • Bachelor of Science, UBC
  • Graduate of West Vancouver Secondary and Gleneagles Elementary


My working life began as a secondary school science teacher in West Vancouver and owner of my own education business. I have since worked abroad, as a teacher and a lawyer, and have also spent 11 years in non-profit management, for the Law Courts Education Society of BC and the Canadian Breast Cancer Network (in Ottawa). As such, I managed many multi-year projects funded by public tax dollars, chaired national and provincial committees, and monitored budgets, staff, and objectives to ensure that outcomes were met effectively.

Since 2011, I have served as one of your six municipal Councillors. I have learned a great deal, listened intently, asked many questions, advocated at the provincial and federal levels, and worked with staff and residents to create the best possible policies and bylaws for our community.

Community Service

I have served on committees and working groups in West Vancouver for more than 35 years, including:

  • Streamkeepers Society
  • Seniors Centre Advisory Board
  • Community Centre Board
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Scouts Group Committee
  • METRO Vancouver Utilities Committee
  • Public Art Advisory Committee
  • METRO Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
  • Invasive Plants Working Group
  • Library Board
  • METRO Regional Planning
  • Community Grants Committee
  • Municipal Awards Committee
  • North Shore Youth Court & Family Justice Committee
  • Co-Chair, Climate Action Working Group
  • Environmental Strategy Working Group
  • Parks and Environment Advisory Committee
  • Community Days Committee

My candidacy is not financed or supported by special-interest groups or individuals.
As such, my thoughts and voting practices as a Councillor are independent.

Nora Gambioli